Saturday, May 11, 2013

Want to know how to make your penis bigger?

There are so many guys out there that desperately would like a bigger penis. Studies show that most men are not happy with the size of their penises.

And I used to be one of them.

I was not always embarrassed by the size of my penis. I always thought I was pretty average.... until I broke up with my girlfriend, who then proceeded to tell all her friends what a small dick I had..
Embarrassing....   I know....

When I finally did a proper measurement at full erection my penis was 5.6 inches long...and not very thick.

And I didn’t want to be average anymore...I wanted to be big. I wanted women to notice and comment on the size of my manhood rather than just shrugging their shoulders as if to say “is that it???”

So I decided to do something about my problem.

I decided to start researching ways to make my penis bigger.

Here’s the thing: I tried so many different methods and techniques...most of which were complete garbage...they simply didn’t work and I spent valuable time and money trying to find the perfect solution.

The first thing that I tried was penis enlargement pills.

They are really a dime a only have to do a little bit of research online and you’ll literally be swamped with offers.

Now, I searched long and hard before I chose which pills I was going to try. There are a lot of scams out there so naturally you have to be careful which ones you choose.

I tried out Male Extra to start with. I'm sure you've heard of them

There offer seemed pretty legit so I figured I’d give it a try.

It’s certainly not cheap, so I was really hoping that the pills would work...and not just rob me of my hard earned cash...

Which is exactly what happened...

I bought a three month supply which cost me about 198 dollars - for this price they did throw in a free month's supply plus a few bonuses.

I carefully followed the instructions and took exactly the right dose (as recommended by the creators)...

But here’s the thing...

While I did notice that my erections were a lot stronger...and my sex drive went thru the roof... I didn’t actually get a bigger penis.

Feeling very let down, I decided male extra wasn't for me so I tried another method:

Make Your Penis Bigger with your hands –  Enlargement Exercises

If you have done any research online on how to make your penis bigger I am pretty sure you would have come across penis enlargement exercises.

There are tons of websites out there selling guides that contain an exercise regime for you to follow that can add inches to your penis.

 By this stage I was getting even more desperate.

I had started to see a lady that I knew I was going to end up in bed with...I must say, she was hot and I really started to like her...

But how was she going to react when she saw the size of my penis? Surely other men she had been with in the past would have been bigger than me? Would I be able to give her an orgasm?

I started to feel a little anxious about the situation...

After reading a bunch of great reviews and testimonials I purchased the top selling guide
called Penis Advantage.

The price was just a shade under $50 which seemed pretty reasonable to me...

Here’s my take on Penis Advantage:

Their methods DO in fact work...

But the thing is it does take time to see results.

Having said that – the results are permanent and some guys have added up to 2 inches in a couple months.

So if you do have time, and you’re willing to “work” at it – there is no reason why Penis Advantage can’t work for you.

I just didn’t have the time – I want to see results – and I want to see them quickly.

That’s how I discovered what turned out to be the quickest and best way to enlarge my penis...without pills or exercises.

How To Make Your Penis Longer Fast – Penis Extenders

I was almost ready to kiss the dream of enlarging my penis quickly goodbye...but it was then that I came across the SizeGenetics Penis Extender. What really got me interested was the claim that it started working the very same day you got it.

As I didn’t have time on my side I decided to give this a shot.

But first I think it’s important to note how penis extenders actually work.

You wear a penis extender when your penis is flaccid. There are tension rods that can easily be extended to adjust the tension in your penis. The extenders gradually grow your penis by this prolonged and continuous traction causing your penile ligaments and tissues to breakdown and rebuild bigger and better than before.

Much like when you workout, you’ll get micro tears (don’t worry, it’s not painful at all) and when those heal you’ll find that your penis is longer and thicker than it was in the before.

I actually remember the day my Penis Extender arrived... It came in a plain ole cardboard box

I was excited and nervous at the same time...could this actually work? And could it add inches to my penis as quickly as promised?

Was this the real deal?

I quickly removed the extender from the packaging and followed the instructions word for word. I was amazed at how easy the whole process was (compared to the exercises I had put myself thru before)

Within a week I had already seen an increase in the size of my penis. I had used the extender for 5 hours everyday for a week, measured my penis and the size had increased! It was hard to believe that it had worked so fast...and after measuring it again 3 more times it was confirmed:

The Penis Extender worked! I am not going to tell you that I was hung like a horse after a week, but there was a small increase...and I knew that using the penis extender daily was going to really work...

It was going to change my life!

The best thing about this extender is that comes with a 6 month guarantee. So you can try it risk free for half a year. If, for some strange reason, you DON’T see and improvement to your penis length and girth (which is highly unlikely) simply get your money back, simple as that.

On a side note, I did end up bedding the women that I mentioned to you earlier and there were NO complaints from her, at all!

I must say I have never felt as self confident as I do now!

Having a bigger penis really does amazing things to your self esteem

I’ve been using the Sizegenetics Penis Extender now for 5 months and my penis size has increased by nearly an inch!

You should check it out!

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